• Furniture Gas Springs

    Gas Springs deisgned for the furniture sector applications.

    In this category you will find:

    • gas springs to replace old frictioned mechanism (self made applications...)
    • spare parts of gas springs Vapsint, Perin, ILCA, Effegi Brevetti, Salice, etc.
    • special gas springs to be ordered with the supporto of our sales department (special Codes).
  • Spare parts for...

    Crossing your motorvehicle/motorcycle Brand and Model together with the year of production and checking the measures of the gas springs you can replace your old and exhausted gas springs!

    All products are available on stock.

    Other products not present available on request!

  • Gas Springs for...

    The gas springs present in this category are suitable for different kind of industrial applications.

    In this area you can find our standard industrial gas springs available on stock and a wide range of spare parts for different sector (agricultural, marine, foodservice equipment (replacement for vacuum machine etc)

  • Gas Springs: Generic...

    Do you have an original Vapsint / Atlas code and you want to order a spare part?

    Please find the right combination body diameter/piston rod diameter and proceed with the purchase. Insert in a message during payment the original code, name of application and manufacturing date written in the label.
    In this way we will recognise the right product and we will manufacture it if not available on stock. 

    Combinations are:
    CODE 156: cylinder diameter 15 mm. and piston rod diameter 6 mm.
    CODE 198: cylinder diameter 18.5 mm. and piston rod diameter 8 mm.
    CODE 2210: cylinder diameter 22 mm. and piston rod diameter 10 mm.
    CODE 2810: cylinder diameter 28 mm. and piston rod diameter 10 mm.
    CODE 2814: cylinder diameter 28 mm. and piston rod diameter 14 mm.

  • Accessories

    Here you can find all the accessories connected to our gas springs and dampers like brakets, attachments, ball stud and so on. For other request please send us a mail at

  • Industrial decelerators

    Industrial decelerators made by Vapsint for industrial use.

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