Our company

Vapsint started off in the sixties, as VAP Veneta Ammortizzatori, a workshop specialized in the production of regenerated dampers for motorvehicles and the marketing of spare parts for the car industry. In the seventies it began producing the first gas springs for motorvehicles. In the eighties the production became industrialized, as gas springs met with increasing use and interest in many market areas: engineering, food, furniture, nautical. The Company has developed over the years new products that, in addition to gas springs and their numerous versions, deal in different ways with the movement and weight of objects: adjustable decelerators, hydraulic dampers, as well as dampers for industrial applications.


Our products

Vapsint manufactures standard products for many sectors, including the furniture and car sector.
It also develops customized products upon clients specific indications, defining new production standards and widening the range of products on offer.

Here is a list of products currently being manufactured by Vapsint, divided by categories:




Free stroke:


Differentiated thrust


With anti-tear system

With locking tube

With locking system:

Elastic lock

Rigid lock during extension mode

Lock in fully opened mode

Lock in fully closed mode

Rigid locking in compression

Flat Curve rigid locking gas spring



Braking during compression

Braking during extension

Dual effect



AISI 316



With adjustable settings

Heavy Duty Dampers for sliding doors



For motorvehicles

For industrial applications


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