Forwarding informations

The forwarding service will be operated by Bartolini for italian country delivery and by DHL for foreigner countries.

Delivery terms normally are: 3 working days for Italy and 5 working days for foreigners countries

The cost of service for Italy is based on the weight of the goods delivered.

Between 0 and 10 kg. for italian deliveries the costs are:

Italiy without Calabria, Sicilia and Sardegna: 7 €

Calabria Sicilia e Sardegna: 8.50 €


Foreigners deliveries are divided as follow:

1. weight between 0 and 1 Kg the forwarding costs are variable between 15 and 50 € depending on the zone.

2. weight between 1 and 2 Kg the forwarding costs are variable between 20 and 60 € depending on the zone.

3. weight between 2 and 5 Kg the forwarding costs are variable between 35 and 80 € depending on the zone.

4. weight between 5 and 10 Kg the forwarding costs are variable between 50 and 115 € depending on the zone.

*prices are without VAT (21%).


For weight over 10 kg. please contact Vapsint team


For a better delivery service and to avoid problems during the delivery please provide us your phone number..


We only deliver to companies, not private customers, in Russia.
For further information, please write to



Note on participation in the Landbell AG system


As regards the sales packaging (containing goods) distributed by us in Germany for the first time and delivered to private end customers, our company used the system managed by Landbell AG in Mainz (operating across Germany) to ensure our legal obligations were met pursuant to the “§ 7 VerpackG” (German law on packaging).


More information can be found on the Landbell AG website.


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